Monday, June 10, 2019

Global Citizenship 2

As globalization becomes more of a norm around the world, it is important to know about global interconnections to fully utilize the advantages it brings in to countries from poor to rich. This also brings up the topic of personal responsibilities of global citizen that partakes in globalization. Global interconnectedness refers to the ability to understand and function in the increasing multicultural world. As a citizen who understands this, you must be able to comply to the rules of globalization. This involves having a sense of responsibility to not only your own country, but others. This includes caring for their business ethics and having ethical morals on to keep the environment stable. I believe understanding the culture of the people you do business with creates a more stable connection and better communication between internal and external factors.

Global Citizenship 1

As a first time traveler to a place very known but unknown to myself, I think of the ways to act and proceed in a country that I know very little about. I believe that where social responsibilities come in. As I headed back to America from Ireland, I felt this more then ever. Although I've only spent 2 weeks in Ireland as a tourist and curious culture learner, I wonder what it means to move to Ireland and live as the Irish people do. First I would have to learn of the social responsibilities and ethical reasoning in Ireland if I wanted to live there and create an impact on their environment. I would have to be within regulations of contracts and have a sense of business ethics related to that of current Irish's business. It is not easy to start up a business or change culture in a place that you know little about but it is the way of a  global citizen to start it on the right track within the host country.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Field Trip 4

During our trip to Belfast, I had the privilege of visiting city hall. While at the city hall of Belfast, we were guided through the building to learn of the history and architecture of the building. It seemed to have burned that before but was restored years later. Here we learned of many past lord mayors and leaders of Belfast. I even got to dress up as one myself! The man who gave us the tour was very well manners and comedic which gave the tour itself more excitement!

Field Trip 3

A place we visited that really stood out to me was the Cliff of Moher. It was the highest cliff I have ever been on. Belonging to a part of the tourism industry, it was one of my favorite places just from its vast majestic appearance. Standing at over 300 feet tall, I posed to take pictures up that high! The structures made to support tourism there were simply amazing also, the way it was built, you wouldn't think twice to call it a bunker. I wonder if anyone ever lived out there before.

Field Trip 2

Our trip in Dublin to the Guinness Store House blew my mind. Not only did we learn how to pour our very own pint of Guinness, we also got to learn the ingredients put in the drink! Interacting with the many guides who helped us have a great experience there were all nothing short of amazing. Although a "self tour" was in action, they were able to help us through the entire process.They gave us a taste of the world of Guinness in which is there #1 selling beer in Ireland.

Field trip 1

We visited Aran Island on a ferry that took us about 45 minutes to get to. This place was home to many ancient sites and beautiful views that took my breath away. We interacted with the tour guide who took us around the island on a bus and let us take in all of its beauty. One place that really stood out to me was a place called Inishmore, a place that is home to the ancient fort, Dun Aonghasa. After hiking about 25 minutes uphill we had finally made it to the fort and boy did it not disappoint. I wonder who and how they were able to build such a sight back in the days.

Expanding Worldview #2

During my visit around Ireland, there were many things I learned while being toured. One place I went to was EPIC, an emigration museum. This place really stood out to me as it spoke about the history of many Irish decent who left the country who made an impact in the world. Thinking back on it, the many immigrant who left Ireland had to go through many struggles to make a living in the outside world of Ireland. There were many global injustices dealing with how people from Irish decent would be treated badly in other places looking for work. They were underpaid and in unknown lands with little law to help them. Even so, many of the emigrants made a name for themselves. This just shows that global injustices are everywhere you go but even through the hardships, you can make a name for yourself.